Shoot and score with fruits and veggies!


Quebec City, January 8, 2018 – The “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign is proud to partner once again with the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament. For a 6th consecutive year, the campaign will invest in a healthy lifestyle for the young by coaching them on the benefits of a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables. Which means we’re adding colour to the young hockey players’ meals and snacks with a variety of fresh produce provided free of charge to the tournament organization. Luckily, the “I Love” campaign can count on our generous suppliers to care about young people’s health as much as we do.

As part of our efforts to raise awareness about healthy eating habits, we’ll give hockey players and fans a chance to test their knowledge and play the “5 Winning Teams” game that appears in the tournament program. The goal is simple: make up 5 major “teams” of fruits and vegetables – combinations from the 5 produce colour groups, each with its own special health benefits.

Nutritionist and “I Love” campaign spokesperson Julie DesGroseilliers has this message for the players: “Fruits and vegetables are a prime fuel source for athletes. They also supply water. And they’re a great source of vitamins and minerals to help you bounce back after sports activities and promote good health in general.”

At this event – a major annual attraction for hockey fans – we spotlight all 3 star players in a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, physical activity, and plenty of fun! We hope all the players will have an outstanding experience. Remember, put your hearts into it – out on the ice, and on your dinner plate at home as well!

About the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign

The “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign is designed by the QPMA to raise public awareness about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle. For more information, please visit or follow us on





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