Advent Calendar of the I Love Fruits and Veggies Movement

For the holiday season, a digital advent calendar has been launched on our Facebook. An original idea involving the 4 ambassadors of the Mouvement I love Fruits and Veggies.

The principle ? During the last four Wednesdays before Christmas Eve, a competition was offered with each ambassador. A question is asked and fans must reply in comment to try their luck.

Here are the gifts offered!

Hubert Cormier : his book « Les conseils d’Hubert Cormier »

Jimmy Sévigny : his book “Le meal prep au service de votre santé!”

Caroline Huard (Loounie) : a set of Ricardo kitchen accessories 

Virginie Goudreault (Blond Story) : her « journal de gratitude et d’amour de soi » (made entirely in Montreal)

A successful initiative because publications have reached an average of 7,000 people!

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