Be sure to apply the new Food Safety Regulations in Canada (SFCR))

Depending on the situation of your company, these requirements can take different forms.

Here are several links that help you to:

1. Obtaining a license for the marketing of fruit and vegetables,To find out if and when these new requirements are for your business,CFIA's Interactive Licensing Tool: click here

  • To find out why you need to join the Corporation for Dispute Resolution Corporation (CRD-DRC) to market your fruits and vegetables: Regulatory requirements: click here
  • CRD-DRC Evaluation Tool (Dispute Resolution Corporation): click here

1. Possession of preventive control plans (PPC),

2. The implementation of preventive controls,

3. Measures of traceability,

In addition, CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) has produced a guidance document,
which presents in a concise way the key elements of the regulation: click here

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