CanadaGAP Certification for Microgreens is no longer be available in 2020

As advised on December 2019 : CanadaGAP Certification for Microgreens is no longer available in 2020

Starting January 1, 2020, operations involved in production, packing or storage of microgreens are no longer be able to obtain certification through the CanadaGAP Program.

site-specific HACCP Plan is the best approach for managing food safety risks associated with these products.

Companies that are CanadaGAP-certified for their microgreens have been their CanadaGAP certification withdrawn by the certification body since December 31, 2019.
Please be assured that other GFSI-recognized programs are available that allow microgreens producers and packers to pursue food safety certification.
We encourage you to contact your certification body to find out which other programs they offer that would be appropriate to cover the scope of your activities. The certification body can help you get started in transitioning to a new program.

For assistance with any questions:
Please contact the CanadaGAP office at or 613-829-4711 .

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