Cascades offers a container made entirely of recycled cardboard

Cascades, a Quebec-based company, has launched a 100% recycled fiber cardboard box across North America, which could delay the use of Styrofoam in grocery stores for the packaging of fresh produce like vegetables, fruits and meats.

The new container manufactured in Quebec is certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council standard and is "fully recyclable" after use, it was said, Wednesday, by press release.

It also meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

"The complete recycling of the tray is made possible through the use of a water-based functional barrier that protects it from moisture, thus enhancing the performance of the packaging without reducing the recyclability of the carton." indicated Cascades, stating that the traditional use of applications based on wax or plastic is avoided, they are difficult to recycle.

"This innovation fits perfectly with our wide range of high-performance, eco-responsible food packaging," said Cascades Specialty Products Group President and Chief Operating Officer Luc Langevin. Unique, current, this tray allows tons of fiber to be diverted from landfills. Together with our customers, we continue to give concrete life to the circular economy. "

Source : TVA Nouvelles

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