CFIA Announces Extension to January 15, 2020, for Labelling Requirement for Lot Number on Consumer Prepacks

Over the past weeks, CPMA has worked with produce associations across Canada, including QPMA and the U.S. to execute an industry survey to determine the impact of the new regulation requiring lot numbers on consumer prepacks. This regulation was included as part of the extensive Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), which will begin coming into force on January 15, 2019.

CPMA is pleased to announce that CFIA has agreed to extend the compliance period for all sectors in the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain to January 15, 2020. CPMA sees this as an interim solution and CFIA has agreed to continue discussions in 2019 to determine the most effective approach to traceability of consumer prepackaged fresh fruit and vegetables.

This morning CFIA unfortunately issued incorrect information, but we have their commitment that it will be corrected by end of day. The current document, Timetable: Fresh fruit or vegetables, posted on their website, and the listserv message which contained the link, only notes the activity of selling fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers at retail as the activity which has an extended compliance date of January 15, 2020 (in the "3" footnote). The correct information should have included the "3" footnote reference in the header ("Traceability") of the column, thereby making it applicable to all activities.

CFIA will issue guidance to their inspectorate to ensure enforcement does not include this lot labelling requirement, as the SFCR comes into force on January 15, 2019.

CPMA would like to extend sincere thanks to the CFIA for recognizing the impact to industry and for its willingness to take a pragmatic approach to regulating, to ensure the ongoing competitiveness of the sector. In addition, we thank all of the regional and national associations who extended the reach of the survey by distributing it to their members. The biggest thanks goes to all of the industry members who participated in the survey – this required often extensive and time-consuming research within organizations and commodity boards and was instrumental in the solution achieved to date.

Industry is reminded that this was just one small part of the regulations and, if you have not already done so, you should immediately review the guidance provided by CPMA and government to determine if you require a licence. If you do require a licence, please click here to enroll in MyCFIA to ensure compliance.
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