Facebook videos to answer subscribers' questions

As part of the nutrition nutrition month, a contest was launched on the Facebook page of the I Love Fruits and Veggies Movement whose goal was to find out more about the real concerns of consumers on fruits and vegetables:

After analysis, it emerged 5 main concerns that were the subject of videos made by Julie DesGroseilliers, nutritionist and spokesperson of the I Love Fruits and Veggies Movement:

  •  What are the best tips for children to eat fruits and vegetables? see the video
  •  How to prepare vegetables not to lose their nutritional value? see the video 
  •  What are the nutritional differences between fresh, frozen and canned vegetables? see the video
  •  Are fruits rich in sugars and should we limit our consumption?  see the video
  •  How to wash your fruits and vegetables? see the video

This series of videos has been very successful as evidenced by the coverage rate significantly higher than the other publications (ranging from 13,400 to 33,600 people affected especially with the video that answers the questioning on sugar!).

The initiative clearly reflects what we aspire to be by responding to consumers' real questions and demonstrating that fruits and vegetables are an integral part of adopting healthy lifestyle choices.







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