Health, transparency and sustainability: the winning trio of the 2020 DUX Grands Prix

In the evening of Wednesday, January 29, the DUX 2020 Grands Prix were held at Marché Bonsecours, the "great annual celebration of the food industry". “For eight years now, the Grands Prix DUX have been rewarding initiatives aimed at improving the food supply in order to help consumers eat better, live better, and nearly 500 people gathered yesterday to applaud the efforts candidates, ”said the organizers of the MAPAQ-funded event.

"[Consumers] are interested not only in what is on their plates, but also in how their food is produced, not to mention the effects of food on their health and the environment," said Ghislain Gervais, president of La Coop fédérée. For consumers looking for a new balance in their food, transparency and the quality of information on the composition and origin of their food are therefore essential. "

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Food business - Start-up business : L’Escargot Gourmand zero waste eco-gastronomic grocery store
Food company - Institution : "La Cantine pour tous"
Food company - SMC : Cynthia Marcotte Nutritionist - Training "Tout savoir sur l’approche FODMAP : Quoi manger pour mieux digérer !? "
Food company - Large company : Maxi - Flashfood
Non-food company - Institution and NPO : (Winners ex-aequo) CHU Sainte-Justine - Club des chefs and INAF, Laval University - Innovative partnership between Laval University and "Le Grand Marché de Québec" for healthy and sustainable food
Non-food company - SME : Fondaction - Growing to give meaning to the future



Ingredient or technology - Large company : Cascades - Cardboard tray for fresh vegetables
Value-added product - Start-up company : Seabiosis algae processing - Pesto and Kombuc pickles.
Value-added product - SMC : Three Farmers Foods Inc. - Crunchy Little Lentils
Value-added product - Large company : Olymel S.E.C. - Lafleur turkey sausages
Start-up producer : O’Citrus - Greenhouse citrus production
Precursor - SMC : Three Farmers Foods Inc. - Roasted Pulse (vegetable) Snacks
Precursor restaurant - SMC : LOV Restaurants
Precursor Company - Large Company : Maple Leaf Manifesto
Facilitating product - Start-up company : Root foods - Mushroom cake, pinto beans, buckwheat and herbs
Facilitating product - SMC : Commensal Group - Simple Gourmet Ready-to-Cook
Facilitator - Large Company : Clover Leaf Seafoods - Clover Leaf's Bols Bistro
Restaurant : Groupe Compass Québec - The power of plants
Up & Coming product - Start-up company : Les Aliments Savvy Pantry - Gourmet ready-to-cook soups
Up & Coming product - SMC : Isabelle Huot Doctor of nutrition - Seasonings Isabelle Huot (Assaisonnements Garno)
Up & Coming product - Large company : Bonduelle Canada Inc. - Del Monte Corn Mix
Special mention : Sobeys - Saksac | Reusable Fruit and Vegetable Bags IGA -OYÄ


Website or mobile application / SMC : Dairy Farmers of Canada - Alimentora - Interactive educational tool
Start-up website or mobile application : (Winning ex-aequo) Glouton - Eat better and waste less and O’Gleman Média Inc. -
TV or web series - SMC : PR3 Médias - Moi je’mange
Book or magazine / Institution and NPO : Les Ateliers cinq épices - My first cookbook with Les ateliers cinq épices
Book or magazine - SMC : O’Gleman Média -Les lunches
Communication campaign - Large company : Olymel S.E.C.- Olymel charcuterie campaign without artificial preservatives
Communication campaign - SMC and LARGE NPO : Aliments du Québec + Équiterre - Insist on eating local!


Category Products : Metro Brands - Irresistibles Naturalia Pesticide-Free Frozen Fruit
Communication Category : O’Gleman Média - Lunches
Category Projects : The canteen for all - The canteen for all
Precursor Product Category : Bimbo Canada - Bon Matin

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