IGA targets to remove plastic bags by the end of 2020

The Sobeys group, a food retailer that holds the IGA banner, hopes to be able to collect all the single-use plastic bags from its branches in Quebec by the end of 2020.

"This is our goal," said Anne-Hélène Lavoie, external communications specialist for the grocery group, who insisted that this instruction, which has been in effect on the Island of Montreal since last September, will apply elsewhere in Quebec according to the laws adopted by cities and municipalities regarding plastic bags and the will of the franchised grocer.

Ms. Lavoie cites the City of Bromont as an example, which has banned single-use plastic bags on its territory since November 1. Here in Beauce, no locality has legislated in this direction so that it will be up to the IGA supermarkets in the region to adopt the measure that suits them. Some grocers in the chain in Quebec have already removed these bags.

The spokesperson of course encourages consumers to rely on reusable bags for shopping but reports that local customers will be notified well in advance by the branch they frequent in the event of the total withdrawal of plastic bags , whether the decision is legislative or voluntary.

SOURCE: enbeauce.com

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