Partnerships & Visibilities - Meeting of the Directors of the QPMA

The QPMA Directors held a meeting on October 3 to review and enhance the partnership and visibility plan offered to members for events and other occasions.


Quebec Bio-Food Policy - Tertiary Group Meeting

On September 26, 2018, members of the tertiary group met to think of the implementation of Québec's bio-food policy. Sophie Perreault, President and CEO, represented the QPMA.


A new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

On September 30, 2018, the United States, Mexico and Canada announced the completion of negotiations toward a new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The outcomes preserve key elements of this trading relationship and incorporate new and updated provisions that seek to address 21st-century trade issues and promote opportunities for the nearly half a billion people who call North America home.

Healthy food program of the MAPAQ

The MAPAQ (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec) offers a program that supports financially the biofood sector in the development and improvement of nutritious quality food for Quebec's consumers. It also helps initiatives related to actions or structuring projects that promote healthy eating.