Les Vergers Paul Jodoin adopts recyclable packaging

Determined to care about the environment before the industry gets it taxed, the owners of Les Vergers Paul Jodoin replace some of their plastic bags and test cardboard packaging for their apples.

For some time now, customers of seven grocery stores in Montreal and its suburbs have had access to orchard apples under the name Tradition Verger in cardboard boxes. "We were seeing more and more concern around plastic and we found that after 50 years, it was time to test a new packaging. We are on the right track right away before we are charged sales taxes, "said vice president of sales and marketing Pierre Jodoin.

The company is targeting an eight-week period to assess the success of its initiative. “It’s a long process to change consumer habits. Grocery store operators are mostly curious about this change, "said Jodoin. But like distributors, they are hesitant to change the way they do things and ask for a longer period to assess the trend in this new market. "We went with a group of grocers who had the same vision as us. The producer and packer associated the name of the orchard with that of one of its Tradition juice packaging sales divisions to launch these new 100% recyclable boxes. "It is faster and easier to take a test by creating our own brand than to wait for the collaboration of a private brand," said Mr. Jodoin.

No changes, no approval

The owners of Les Vergers Paul Jodoin worked with a team of designers and a cardboard supplier from one of their ranges to make their new fruit container. These boxes, which display the incentive slogan Smart snack, healthy planet, can be converted into fruit bowls or displays in the refrigerator. The current bagger requires manual adjustment to package the four-pound container of apples. "It's investment, but we figured that nothing was going to be created with nothing. If the concept is adopted, we will gradually invest in new equipment to automate the packaging of these perforated boxes ”, explains Mr. Jodoin, proud of these boxes which allow the fruits to be seen while protecting them and which are easily transportable by consumers .

If the wrapped distinction of Paul Jodoin Orchards increases their sales, that's a plus. But the visionary entrepreneur, who does not necessarily aspire to increase his notoriety, rejoices at the idea of ​​giving an ecological breath to the industry. “If we wait for government requirements, we can wait a long time. It is up to us to create and move in the right direction. This is the idea that we like, "says Mr. Jodoin with satisfaction.

Source: La Terre de Chez nous

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