MAPAQ financial assistance to the robotics and the quality system

The food preparation is defined as follows: a process of transformation that combines one or more of the following actions: slaughter, season, heat, coagulate, concentrate, confit, freeze, cook, defrost, disintegrate, cut, skin, remove, dehydrate, boning, wrapping, coating, evaporating, eviscerating, extracting, shaping, fermenting, filleting, filtering, smoking, garnishing, grilling, chopping, washing, pickling, mixing, canning, peeling, shredding, grinding, molding, parrying, pasteurizing, peel, prick, squeeze, heat, repack, salt, bleed, brine, saure, dry, roast, slice and any other type of food processing or packaging, except for the packing of eggs for consumption shell and infusion, dilution or reconstitution with water of a dry or concentrated product for direct service to the consumer in individual portion, without subsequent heating of that portion.

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