Minimum wage increase to $12 an hour

Starting May 1, those earning the minimum wage will see their pay increase to $12 an hour. This is the largest minimum wage increase ever in Quebec.

This rate also applies to employees in certain sectors of the clothing industry. The rate forecast for employees receiving tips goes from $9.45 to $9.80 an hour. In this case, the rate for employees getting tips applies only to those who meet the criteria set out in the regulation respecting labour standards. The rate for employees receiving tips, for example, does not apply to those working in fast-food restaurants.

In the horticultural sector, the rate payable to those engaged in picking raspberries is increased to $3.56 per kilogram, and the rate payable to strawberry pickers is set at $0.95 per kilogram.

Thanks to these increases, more than 352,000 employees will be better paid for their work.

For more information on minimum wage rates, visit the Commission des normes, l’equity, santé et sécurité et la travail (CNESST, the commission on equity, health and safety, and work standards) online.

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