Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (effective January 15, 2019)

Depending on the situation of your company, these requirements can take different forms.

Here are several links that help you to:

1. Obtaining a license for the marketing of fruit and vegetables,To find out if and when these new requirements are for your business,CFIA's Interactive Licensing Tool: click here

  • To find out why you need to join the Corporation for Dispute Resolution Corporation (CRD-DRC) to market your fruits and vegetables: Regulatory requirements: click here
  • CRD-DRC Evaluation Tool (Dispute Resolution Corporation): click here

1. Possession of preventive control plans (PPC),

2. The implementation of preventive controls,

3. Measures of traceability,

In addition, CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) has produced a guidance document,
which presents in a concise way the key elements of the regulation: click here

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