Sophie Perreault, QPMA CEO interview with the "Transport Routier" newspaper following the requirements of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (RSAC for carriers)

Following the recent application of new federal government supply chain requirements for fresh produce, the question was whether the shippers and recipients of these products would pass this additional pressure on carriers.

Transport Routier discussed the issue with Sophie Perreault, CEO of the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA). According to her, trucking companies should feel little impact due to the proactive nature of their waste management.

"Transporters tell me that they did not have so many requests [from the shippers] in that direction because they were already very concerned about healthiness and good maintenance of their trucks, ”she says.

Sophie Perreault adds that shipper or recipient customers in the fresh fruits and vegetables sector have every interest in maintaining good business relationships with their carriers. "Right now there is such a scarcity of good transport companies that we are in very close partnership with our transporter, because it is very precious," she said.

Where the new federal requirements - the updating of which the QPMA participated - could have repercussions on trucking companies according to Ms. Perreault, it would be in terms of procedures where customers could be more  picky.

"It may be more paperwork than it will affect carriers," she said of the various additional documents that drivers will have to send from senders to recipients. They could also insist even more on the affixing of seals on trailers and respect for the entire cold chain, said Sophie Perreault.

However, according to its CEO, the trucking companies that are members of his association are "a very important link" since it is often on them that compliance with rules such as those of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency rests.

"For us, all questions related to the safety and fluidity of trade are so essential in the case of the perishable, because every hour counts to ensure that we have maximum freshness and quality on the shelves. All regulations that promote this fluidity are welcome when they are sensible and applicable, ”says Ms. Perreault.

Although it does not come directly from the new federal rules on the supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables, there is a guide to good practice for transport companies. This document can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

Source : Produce news

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