The agricultural property tax reform adopted

The bill on the reform of the agricultural property tax credit program was adopted before the suspension of the work of the National Assembly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Union of Agricultural Producers feared, a few weeks ago, the postponement of the entry into force of the new law by a year if the bill was not passed early enough in the parliamentary session. The organization, however, declined to comment on the adoption.

Like the federal government, Quebec suspends the work of the National Assembly until April 21. MPs will however be available by phone and email in their ridings. Before suspending the work, parliamentarians also adopted additional budgetary appropriations of $ 2.6 billion for measures relating to COVID-19, which will be announced by the government by March 31. "We’re giving ourselves a cushion," said Quebec’s Minister of Finance Éric Girard at a press conference.

Source: La Terre de Chez Nous

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