The I Love Fruits and Vegetables Movement continues its mission as a public health player

In context of COVID-19, it’s a real call of duty for the I Love Fruit and Veggies Movement to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables. We must continue fighting the good fight for a healthier Quebec. To ensure we win the battle, the I Love Movement has enhanced its arsenal of video ammunition.

Nutrition month

March was nutrition month and the QPMA came out with four videos featuring four different nutritionists online with a special contest to drive the message home to consumers:

Week 1 : Video with Julie DesGroseilliers: More fruits and vegetables make for a heathier breakfast | 15,553 views. Watch (French only)

Week 2 : Video with Stéphanie Côté: How to get your kids to love their fruits and veggies | 13,124 views. Watch (French only)

Week 3 : Video with Hubert Cormier: Three tips for getting more fruits and veggies in your diet | 25,237 views. Watch (French only)

Week 4 : Video with Hélène Laurendeau: Kitchen gadgets you’ll love for cooking with more fruits and veggies | 33,054 views. Watch (French only)


Targeted  "COVID-19" content

  • Video with Julie DesGroseilliers on strategies for healthy eating during lockdown. Watch (French only)
  • Vidéo with Stéphanie Côté explaining the role of nutrition in helping to prevent COVID-19. Watch (French only)
  • The Literacy Foundation: Videos with ideas for cooking with children during lockdown to help families eager for ways to keep kids busy. Watch (French only)
  • Special "Le panier bleu" price comparison : April price comparisons were made only on homegrown Quebec products. We showed consumers what they could get if they spent $20 on fruits and vegetables. We also limited the comparison to just one chain in the context of social distancing and travel restrictions. Watch (French only)


Launch of the Coup de cœur pour les légumes et fruits de serre du Québec guide (greenhouse fruits and vegetables)

A new edition of the guide, produced in collaboration with the Greenhouse growers Association (PSQ), was updated and expanded with new material, including greenhouse strawberries. Follow the I Love Movement’s postings on social media to find out more. Download the guide (French only)


Launch of the "Coup de coeur pour les agrumes de la Floride" (Florida Citrus)

The I Love Fruits and Vegetables Movement was approached by the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) to promote Florida grapefruit and juice oranges. Florida is the main citrus fruit region exporting to our province and Quebecers absolutely love the sunshine contained in these delicious fruits. A special guide was produced, and a social media communications strategy was deployed, including a recipe developed by the Movement’s ambassador in chief, Hugo Saint-Jacques. Download the guide (French only) / Visit Facebook / Visit Instagram / Discover Hugo Saint-Jacques' recipe 


The added value of products processed in Quebec - Project paid by the MAPAQ 

Mario Lalancette and a team of nutritionists and culinary experts, created 20 standardized recipes that highlight Quebec processed products for the MAPAQ consumer site. Half of the plate must have been made with fruits and vegetables as recommended by Canada's new Food Guide. The process of developing recipes had to follow a rigorous approach in cooking which included the following stages: research of ideas and proposal of a "culinary mix", theoretical formulation of the recipe, purchase of ingredients, trials and experimentation in cooking, sensory test and tasting of the recipe, modification and adjustment in the kitchen, standardization of the recipe, final writing of the recipe, photo taking and retouching.


Promoting “ready-to-cook” fruits and vegetables

The I Love Fruits and Veggies Movement launched a major 12-month campaign to promote frozen, canned, or fresh processed fruits and vegetables. The goal is teaching Quebecers the important role fruits and veggies play in a healthy diet and lifestyle and to showcase the know-how and expertise of Quebec processors. The first initiative in the marketing campaign is “Ready-to-Cook Fruits and Vegetables Week,” which will debut on social media with the following visual. See the visual



Thank you for your steadfast support. We could not have achieved the many initiatives mention above without it. Nor could we continue putting our hearts into carrying out the comprehensive mission that is so essential for the ongoing success of our industry.

Author and lecturer Helen Keller once wrote that “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and trust.” We believe deep down that we will make it through this crisis on our way to a better future.

We can be very proud of the great strides we’ve made together so far. The fruit and vegetable industry is fully engaged like never before and we’re confident we have what it takes to overcome any challenges the COVID-19 crisis may present.

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