UPA proposes new federal-provincial risk management program

In his address to the 95th Congress of the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA), President Marcel Groleau took advantage of the presence of the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Marie-Claude Bibeau, to propose a new program of management of agricultural products. risks that would have the potential to bring Canadian provinces closer together.

Agricultural risk management programs have suffered major cuts since 2013, noted Marcel Groleau, and the provinces can not agree on the modification of these programs. "The non-consensus among the provinces not to change federal risk management programs is no longer acceptable. The federal government must go beyond this non-unanimity and put in place a program that responds to the risks that producers must manage, "the president said.

In the current programs, the first 15% is borne by the producers. "In the program we imagined, between 15 to 30% of losses would be assumed by a federal-provincial program and beyond 30% of losses, it would be a disaster program assumed 100% by the federal government, "said Groleau.

Minister Bibeau said she took good note of the UPA's proposal in her speech that followed. She intends to look into the matter. "You would be the hero of the ministers of agriculture!" Added Marcel Groleau.

Source: La Terre de chez nous

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