Wonderful Pistachios is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign, The Original Plant-Based Protein

The campaign includes print ads, social media, digital, public relations, e-mails and in-store displays featuring images of pistachio trees that will be used throughout 2020, according to a news release.

Wonderful Pistachios will promote the campaign at events throughout the year and a “live virtual symposium” will share plant-based protein trends with retailers, supermarket dietitians and other nutrition experts, according to the release.

“As more consumers make changes in their diet to eat less meat, but simultaneously crave more protein, Wonderful Pistachios represents the perfect snack because it’s a real, whole food containing six grams of plant-based protein per serving,” Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing for The Wonderful Co., said in the release.

Wonderful Pistachios cites recent surveys that support plant-based diet trends:

55% of consumers who are reducing meat consumption said they plan to make it a permanent choice (HealthFocus); and
75% of people in a Mintel survey are adding more protein to their diets.

Wonderful Pistachios in April hosted the Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium, designed to give nutrition experts information on plant-based nutrition and culinary applications “while celebrating pistachios in a plant-based context,” according to the release.

Sources : The Packer

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