2019 Partnership plan : a useful tool 

Having made its proof last year, the QPMA Partnership Plan has a lot to offer, so we renew the experience. You can get a complete picture of the visibility opportunities available to you for the entire year ahead. If you want to sponsor one or more QPMA events, or place ads in our various publications, you can now plan your options in advance – and make the most of your sponsorship budget.

To reserve the visibility options that interest you, please complete the form included with this Partnership Plan. 

To confirm your reservation, you must pay the total amount of each visibility opportunity selected, at least 45 days before the event or the publication day. Otherwise, no visibility will be granted.

Once this step is completed, the QPMA will contact you for a personal follow-up before the events or publications where you’ve reserved your visibility.

Don’t forget to send us your logo! 

To download the document click on the image above (update : 1st march 2019)