Member of the National Assembly for Trois-Rivières announces donation of fresh produce by QPMA and Courchesne Larose to Entraide Sainte-Catherine

Published on : June 09 2017

A healthy lifestyle is everybody’s business!

Trois-Rivières, December 15, 2016 – Jean-Denis Girard, MNA (Trois-Rivières), and his colleague Marc H. Plante, MNA (Maskinongé), are delighted with the donation of fresh fruits and vegetables to Entraide Sainte-Catherine-de-Sienne made by the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) and Courchesne-Larose. The fresh produce received by the community organization will help in the preparation of paniers de solidarité food baskets.

Every week in Trois-Rivières, Entraide Sainte-Catherine-de-Sienne, a nonprofit organization with a warm and caring atmosphere provided by some 30 volunteers, delivers groceries to some 85 of the neediest families in the city’s west end. The baskets provide a complete and balanced food supply, which not only helps these families stay afloat but also encourages them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“Thanks to the valuable support from all our partners and especially today’s donation by the QPMA and Courchesne-Larose, we’re able to reach out to families in need who apply to us for help every week. I would like to sincerely thank both organizations for their generosity,” said Michel Gauthier, in charge of Entraide Ste. Catherine-de-Sienne.

“Entraide Sainte-Catherine-de-Sienne has been active in our community for over 10 years. Besides assisting those most in need, it’s helping maintain healthy eating habits with the food baskets it provides. This donation by the QPMA and Courchesne-Larose will allow residents who benefit from this fine organization’s services to eat healthy meals. It’s also a great way to raise their awareness about the importance of proper diet,” said Trois-Rivières MNA Jean-Denis Girard.

A partnership that delivers real benefits
In its efforts to encourage more consumption of fruits and vegetables in Quebec, the QPMA suggested a unique partnership plan with members of the Quebec National Assembly earlier this year, allowing local community organizations to benefit from donations of fresh produce. “Eating their minimum recommended daily servings remains a challenge for half our population. Although we’ve seen much greater availability and variety of fruits and vegetables in Quebec in recent years, actual consumption is making slower progress. This is the reason why we wanted to partner with MNAs to raise awareness and commit Quebec to an ambitious, modern vision. Eating fruits and vegetables means having a healthier Quebec. Health that’s based on eating as many delicious fruits and vegetables as people want. Talk about ‘tidings of great joy’ in the Holiday Season! We’re very happy that MNAs for Trois-Rivières and Maskinongé are taking part in this initiative. It’s a very real step toward a much healthier lifestyle,” said QPMA CEO Sophie Perreault.

Founded in 1947, the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) is a nonprofit organization that brings together members from every sector of the produce industry, working in close synergy with them and with its various industry partners. The QPMA works to create a favourable environment for the development of fruit and vegetable marketing in Quebec, plays a leadership role in promoting fruits and vegetables, and represents and defends the best interests of its members with government and the industry.

About the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign
Launched by the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) in 2004, the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign is intended to raise consumer awareness about the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, to increase sales of these products for the benefit of its members. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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Sophie Perreault
Chief Executive Officer

Marianne Méthot
Policy Advisor
Office of the MNA for Trois-Rivières Constituency