The board of directors of the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Bernard Côté as board president for 2021. An active member of the board for over a decade, his diversified expertise will play a key role in helping the association fulfil its mission while addressing the many critical issues facing the agrifood sector in the context of a general economic recovery.

Bernard was literally born into world of fruits and vegetables. His father owned and operated a fruit and vegetable store in the Quebec City area. He began working in retail as a student and then joined the family business. He moved to Montreal in 1996 to further his professional career.  He spent his first year in sales with a wholesale operation before joining wholesaler JB Laverdure, where he spent the next twenty years, eventually becoming vice-president of the company. He was named senior account manager of Courchesne Larose after it merged with JB Laverdure.

Bernard’s expertise and in-depth understanding of the fruit and vegetable business and his longstanding commitment to the QPMA’s development are strategic assets for supporting the expansion of the association and the industry in general. In terms of today’s disrupted economy, health concerns, and social challenges, he is definitely the right person for the job of promoting essential healthy and nutritious products, and in fulfilling responsibilities to all stakeholders and everything that entails.

About the QPMA

The Quebec Produce Marketing Association is a non-profit organization that brings together members from every sector of the fruit and vegetable industry. The association’s mission is to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Quebec, and in championing the activities of its members.

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